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Avoid Department of Justice Registration

Keep all of your cool features installed including
pistol grip, forward vertical grip, collapsible stock and flash hider…

Daniel Defense chooses AR MAGLOCK as their only (and preferred) vendor for supplying fixed magazine solutions on their rifles coming into California!

Daniel Defense is now shipping all rifles chambered in 5.56, .300BLK & 6.8SPC2 with the AR MAGLOCK pre-installed.

With few exceptions, competing products to the AR MAGLOCK have an inherent and critical safety issue!

MOST other systems DO NOT allow for the fixed magazine kit to be removed during a double feed firing malfunction in which a live cartridge is jammed in the firing chamber. This is because the bolt carrier group is locked back into the butt stock buffer tube, which then doesn’t allow for the receivers to be separated (open the action), nor can the magazine be removed (because it’s locked), thus not allowing the user to clear the malfunction / live round. This is VERY dangerous.

This is a HUGE safety issue and a critical liability for any entity selling or installing these fixed magazine locking systems, including the OEM’s, retailers and manufacturers.

Many of the OEM’s at the 2017 Shot Show mentioned this concern, and it’s one of the primary reasons most have chosen the AR MAGLOCK system as their solution for California.

The AR MAGLOCK allows you to use the hex wrench to remove the lock kit thus removing the magazine so you can safely clear the loaded rounds from the chamber.


Available for AR-15 and AR-10

There is no denying that AR MAGLOCK is the perfect solution for your
AR-15 and AR-10 firearms.

With registration looming, our product will help you to avoid sending every piece of personal information to the CA DOJ for registration. Registration shall contain a description of the firearm that identifies it uniquely, including all identification marks, the full name, address, date of birth, and thumbprint of the owner, and any other information that the department may deem appropriate.

Locations where AR MAGLOCK is applicable: California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and many other counties, cities and municipalities.


Our product does not scratch your upper receiver like competitors do. We are confident shooters will find AR MAGLOCK SUPERIOR in every way to any other product on the market.

The AR MAGLOCK is covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,756,845. AR MAGLOCK is THE ONLY licensed device under this patent. Manufacturing, selling, and/or installing ANY other device utilizing an arm contacting the upper receiver which prevents the magazine from being removed until the upper receiver is separated from the lower receiver, is in violation of U.S. patent laws, which will be vehemently pursued and prosecuted as such.

I ordered one of these maglocks for my custom built Aero Precision / DPMS Panther style rifle.

Upon receipt, it literally took me less than 5 minutes to swap out my bullet button for the new part. the parts fit perfectly with my receiver and worked first try. no adjusting of set screws as required for the competitor’s product for my rifle.

Only downside is I didn’t realize the extended takedown pin didn’t come with the kit, but not enough of an issue to warrant losing points.

Overall I’m very happy with the solution for my rifle.

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Ken K. (verified owner)

Looks better than the rest of the “options” to stay unregistered.
Also… Went on super easy!
NO SKILL REQUIRED to install! And im basically the “call of duty Internet guy” that other people make fun of for playing COD AND DRESSING LIKE IT!!!!

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Stephan Gilman

Absolutely awesome product. Couldn’t use my firearm without it… Thanks ARMagLock!

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Lisa S. (verified owner)

Perfect solution to ease the tensions an imperfect weapons restriction. Easy to install, and once you’ve practiced a bit, this device is very accommodating. I’ve already got a few of my buddies to install their ARMaglock.

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Rich Guy

This is a perfect option for being in California , easy to install ! I installed on 2 Ar15 . Great product thanks.

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Cliff Davis

My AR15 rocking the AR Mag Lock. Was a breeze to install, looks great, and serves its purpose!

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Worhle Christian

I’ve avoided purchasing an AR for a long time with the horrible NY laws. I couldn’t stomach shooting a featureless AR15. When I looked in other options and found out about the AR Mag lock I knew this was going to be great. I’m 4 builds in and every AR of mine uses the AR mag lock. I couldn’t be more happy and get compliments at the range every time I go.

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John Carbone

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