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Our Satisfied Customers Say it All!

I originally purchased the Patriot Mag Release because of the cheaper price. But as they say, you get what you pay for.

After several days of fitting and filing to get it to work with the different magazines that I have, I finally glued the adjustment screw, per instructions, and hammered in the plug and waited for the glue to set. After doing so I separated the upper and lower only to find that the small hex adjustment screw was now dragging on the upper. I adjusted it in, and in, and in, and in until it bottomed out but it still caught on the upper and would not allow it to close. I removed the screw so I could close the receivers, but then the magazine would drop if pushed. I cut, filed, and adjusted the screw until I was finally able to get it work as it should. But, once I tried it with a different magazine it would not function. So I had only one magazine that I could use. At this point I was done.

I went to my local gun store and picked up an AR MAGLOCK. However, before I could install it I had to drill out, yes drill, the magazine catch thus destroying it. Unlike that Patriot Mag Release, the AR MAGLOCK installed quickly, easily, and required absolutely zero adjustments. It works with all my magazines. I am able to swap out upper receivers without any troubles and in case of a malfunction, it is easily disabled with just a hex key.

Wish I would have purchased it first and saved myself the money and a lot of frustration. Thanks for such a well thought out product!

 Keith Beymer

AR MAGLOCK was easy to install, and combined with the Patriot-Pin, I now have a California compliant rifle that is no longer an assault weapon.

I’ve had no issues with clearing a double feed, and changing out magazines is very quick and simple.

Great product overall. 😀

Mark Detwiler

The AR MAGLOCK is awesome.

My first time at the range with it installed, my rifle functioned flawlessly.

The AR MAGLOCK is faster than the bullet button and no tools are needed to operate it!

Greg Price

Here my AR 15s I built from scratch. When it came time to put on a California compliant magazine lock I researched for days looking for both ease of use ease of installation and proper function.

AR MAGLOCK Won hands down !

 Darryl Gray

They work as they should.

AR MAGLOCK is the best solution I found so I don’t have to worry about my gun being illegal.

These can save an accidental felony and confusion with police if the issue ever comes up. It happened to me and it can happen to anyone. I had a bitchin’ rifle confiscated from me because of my standard mag catch.

Travis Mazzeo


 Dino Konrai

Easy to install, fast to reload. Keeps me from having to register as an assault rifle.

 Branden Jew

Eff California , go featureless ? or register ? no thanks!!!! I went with an AR MAGLOCK, reload time same or better than a bullet button , easy install…

I have upper and lower combinations that are “featureless ” one lower with the AR MAGLOCK, it can be quickly removed in all mis-feed malfunctions , this was a show and tell for the AR MAGLOCK….

 Jeff Bunker

Love my AR MAGLOCK. Works on all my lower receivers. Great customer service as well. Since I had an early one. They worked out all the bugs and its been trooping on ever since. Three years now. Wow.

 John Pennington

Awsome product, take that California

 Manuel Castellon

AR MAGLOCK with my first AR build which I literally just finished yesterday. Wish I had a pick tool for that detent though haha I had to get creative and used the tip of a coat hanger

 Jesus Oterino

My AR 15 and my AR 10 build. AR MAGLOCK’s installed. Only way to keep it “CA legal”.

 W Santiago Nazario

Here’s my AR MAGLOCK. It is installed on my ar15 with a 24″ bull barrel and nickel boron bcg on top of an Anderson lower.

 David Cooper

After several visits to the range the AR MAGLOCK works exactly as described! Once you get familiar with using it it’s really not that bad at all, Reasonably priced and it’s way better than Registering it as an assault weapon

 Cory J Collom

Thank you for making NY sucks a little less.

 Jeff Corvetti

I Built This AR10 Mostly for Hunting Deer and Once a Year Pig Hunt. I Used The AR MAGLOCK With The 308 Lower Kit, Fits Perfect and Works Great. With a 20″ Stainless Steel Barrel, It Has a Nikon 4×12 308 Scope, Nikon Scope Mount, A2 Stock, and 5 Round Mag. To Keep It Ca. Legal In The Field. The Caliber of Choice Is 7mm-08, Just Cause I Could. Weight, 10.5 lbs.

 Rick Monseth

Spikes tactical (The Jack). Works flawlessly.

 Halam Benitez

Picked up the AR MAGLOCK a couple months back, finally got a chance to install them, installation went super quick. Works as advertised, would and will buy again, in-fact I need to pick up 2 more.

 Ben Dugas

Being a New York State resident and having the new SAFE act, we are very limited on firearm features. The AR MAGLOCK allowed me to stay compliant with state laws as well as keep all of my features such as a pistol grip and muzzle break, all while still having the ability to remove the magazine for maintenance and cleaning or in the case of a jam. I will install one on every AR platform I own from now on and long as I live in this state. Thank you AR MAGLOCK.

 Sean Becker

A choice had to be made so as to continue using this particular build at the local county range.
AR MAGLOCK equipped.

 Scott D. Swann

First AR15 I built. The wife liked it so much she had me skin it with muddy girl. And yes I live in commifornia. But before anyone asks, that is a 10 round mag. Both she and I love the ar maglock. Makes it legal and we can still change mags quickly

 Jeffrey Andrews

AR MAGLOCK is the best solution to keep all your other features and most importantly, stay compliant with California laws. Thanks so much. Here is my 308 build and the AR15 is coming soon. TY!

 Fabian TK

Just installed AR MAGLOCKS on Ar-10 and Ar-15 great product!!

 Reggie Warner

Don’t get stuck sitting in the bleachers, cause you would part with your evil feature. Install the AR MAGLOCK, keep it all and have a ball!!

 Mike Ten

I live in upstate NY. Installed in minutes and I get to keep all the “scary features” on my rifle no thanks to the “safe act”. Thanks to AR MAGLOCK! thank you!

 John E. Carr Jr.

Works on my AR-10

 Bobby J Ramirez

I love it, NO REGISTRATION for me!! its not that bad once you get used to the process, NEED a couple more though!!!

 Brian Babel

I’ve avoided purchasing an AR for a long time with the horrible NY laws. I couldn’t stomach shooting a featureless AR15. When I looked in other options and found out about the AR MAGLOCK I knew this was going to be great. I’m 4 builds in and every AR of mine uses the AR MAGLOCK. I couldn’t be more happy and get compliments at the range every time I go.

 John Carbone

Modified my AR MAGLOCK for my side charging billet upper 24″.

My A1 Clone, utilizing original era proper furniture. Thank you AR MAGLOCK for allowing me to retain the look and feel.

 Gerald San Agustin

My first AR MAGLOCK on my home built AR-15 rifle.

 Gary Gonzales

Very happy with mine!

 Mark Crouch

My AR15 rocking the AR MAGLOCK. Was a breeze to install, looks great, and serves its purpose!

 Worhle Christian

This is a perfect option for being in California. Easy to install! I installed on 2 Ar-15. Great product, thanks .

 Cliff Davis

Perfect solution to ease the tensions of an imperfect weapons restriction. Easy to install, and once you’ve practiced a bit, this device is very accommodating. I’ve already got a few of my buddies to install their AR MAGLOCK.

 Rich Guy

Looks better than the rest of the “options” to stay unregistered.
Also… Went on super easy!
NO SKILL REQUIRED to install! And I’m basically the “call of duty Internet guy” that other people make fun of for playing COD AND DRESSING LIKE IT!!!!

 Stephen Gilman

Friends, ask yourselves if avoiding registration using this extremely simple add on from AR MAGLOCK is worth the small amount it will cost ? Off course it sucks what the current state hypocrites are trying to impose on us all, but together we all can vote our way back to freedom. Get involved!

Scott D. Swann Scott D. Swann

Incredible product, easy to install and works perfectly. This is a great solution!!!

Rich Guy Rich Guy

Quick and easy install! Virtually no learning curve, plus it looks better and functions better than the competition.

 Christian Causing

Having an AR Pistol leaves me no other choice but to go the fix magazine route. Having viewed other products, I tried to look for the ease of installation.. no drilling, no hammers.. so I ended up buying the AR MAGLOCK. I wasn’t disappointed as the installation probably took less than 10 minutes… I was satisfied that I bought 3 of these for my rifles and future builds.

 Gerald Cortez

First off, I’m pleased to hear about the AR MAGLOCK pleasing the kings in California for the registry. Second, I can’t say enough about it. Took me about three to four mag changes to get it down, but, now it’s like second nature. I don’t have them on all of my rifles (yet) but we’re working on it.
Thank you to the ladies and gentlemen of AR MAGLOCK!

 Jeffrey Hall

AR MAGLOCK. Could use another one for my next AR15!

 Cheng Lee Thao

The AR MAGLOCK is the best option I’ve found when trying to avoid registration. Quick to install and easy to use. If going featureless is not an option for you, the AR MAGLOCK is the only way to go!

 Sean Jones

I have a couple…

 Brendan Lugo

Best solution to avoid registering and to keep all features of your AR15. Go AR MAGLOCK!

 Luvy CastilloCachola

Amazing product! Not adjusted needed installation. I’ve unfortunately had the experience of installing/purchasing an inferior product that is loose and can scratch the upper receiver; and with a tube of super glue as a improvised fix.
The AR MAGLOCK is far superior to its competitors. I would highly recommend this product.

 Nathan Dean

Living in California is trouble when owning an AR15. All the rules and regulations that are constantly being introduced and forced upon law abiding citizens are themselves unjust and not really effective at doing what politicians say they are supposed to do.

Registering my AR and/or completely butchering it to comply is not something I wanted to do. I spent a lot of time learning about the rifle, about every component, building the whole thing part by part over a 9 month period until I was happy with it. Then to be told to remove this and that or to register, just annoyed the hell out of me.

That is why I am grateful for companies like AR MAGLOCK who develop simple and easy compromises to comply with the law without having to destroy the look or have to register. Thank you AR MAGLOCK!

 Maxwell FX Palau

Very pleased with this product! There are many out there, my selection was the AR MAGLOCK. It’s very functional, easy to use and to install.

 Brody Ross

Absolutely LOVE the AR MAGLOCK. Installed it on my JL Billet AR-10 / .308 and it works perfectly.

I did a LOT of research on all the different options to stay compliant. Didn’t want to go featureless as that’s gay, and all of the other products on the market are inferior to the AR MAGLOCK. I actually purchased and tried competing products and none of them are as nice as this solution.

Once you get used to the AR MAGLOCK it’s actually faster than the bullet button.

 Courtney Harris

Love it, will not go featureless, works great now for 7 months. 3 times at the range in 9 days, 300 rounds not a single jam to clear, a lot of lookie loos all like the AR MAGLOCK! Now if I can get better groups , a different problem to fix…

 Mike Ten

My AR MAGLOCK on my build.

Works as advertised.
Went to my local Calif range, no questioned asked after inspecting my AR.
It’s CA compliant.

 Rolland Makinano

Did a lot of research prior to purchasing the AR MAGLOCK. What I liked about this solution is the ease of install and how it interacts with the rest of the platform. In my case I have a custom laser engraved dust cover. Other brands looked to have some interference with the dust cover and I didn’t want the possibility of marring from contact. AR MAGLOCK with its canted design allows for full clearance of the dust cover with no interference.

Installation was simple, was even able to swap out the rear takedown pin using an appropriately sized punch and a carbon scrapper (dental pick) by pushing the takedown pin through with the punch. Once you reach the end of the detent groove use the pick to press the detent down and rotate the pin. Then push the punch the rest of the way through. Installation of the new pin is in the reverse. Use it to push the punch back through the lower making sure the detent groove is rotated away from the detent. once the pin is through the lower’s wall rotate the pin to allow the detent to seat into the groove.

Functioned flawless through several magazine changes. Decided to induce a double feed and was able to clear it by pulling both take down pins and pulling the front apart just enough to clear the upper receiver so I could drop the mag. problem solved. In fact, the only real annoyance is that the ring on the take down pin interferes with my ambi-saftey not a big deal though.

Overall, a fantastic solution that keeps me off the list!

 Casey Cheng Jr 

My second with AR MAGLOCK. Without them I couldn’t do it here. Thanks.

 John Pennington

AR MAGLOCK is a great way to try to stay legal. I can still change magazines quick if needed. I need MORE.

 Karl Youngker

AR MAGLOCK is the route to go. Very pleased with this product. There are many out there my selection was the AR MAGLOCK. Very functional, easy to use and install.

 Brody Ross

I’ve been fed up with New York’s unsafe act. I’ve wanted an AR for years but because of the restrictions my only choices where to go with pump action or featureless (not much point then). But I was browsing YouTube one day and saw the AR MAGLOCK and was surprised. I decided to order parts and build my rifle exactly the way I wanted, full featured, semi auto and LEGAL. I tell everyone I know with a firearm about this product. Mag changes are easy as pie and much better than loading a fixed mag through the upper. Thank you for helping me with being AMERICAN in a commie run state.

Andrew Dolch

AR MAGLOCK installed.

Mark Johnson

Works great!
Will use on my next build.

Jan Cadavid

My 3 AR MAGLOCK’s. Works flawlessly. I like it better than the bullet buttons.

Allows enough room to open without the upper completely falling forward.

Works best with this tether.

Walter Ponce

AR MAGLOCK is by far the best fixed magazine solution on the market. I looked at all of the other products available and did MANY hours of reading customer reviews.  Everyone agrees, AR MAGLOCK is the only way to go and don’t even waster your money on the others.

Wayne Wesley Pratt

The only way to go in New York. Tried them all. This is the only one that I have confidence in working the way it is intended. We cant loose our freedoms over being cheap. AR MAGLOCK IS PEACE OF MIND.

John Pennington

I have one on mine and it appears to work great!

Brandon Cowan-wolcott

My AR MAGLOCK’s came today. Wanted to see if I could make it work for my AR-9, yep perfect. Little mill work and I’m good to go. Thanks for the fast shipping.

Ray Barber Sr.

Ok this is build number 5 using an AR MAGLOCK.

I spared no expense on this build. Spikes up and lower, Giesille Super Tricon trigger, Faxon flame fluted nitride 300 black out barrel with matched Faxon BCG, VG6 muzzle break, Yankee hill extend take down pins, PWS buffer tube kit with Spikes buffer and Strike Industries flatwire spring, Hogue butt-stock, Ergo pistol grip, Spikes Bar2 rail and when it came time to put in my parts to make it California compliant no thought was needed, AR MAGLOCK was the only way to go.

Like I said this is my 5th build and couldn’t imagine using another mag locking part other than AR MAGLOCK’s. In fact I have told other manufacturers that at gun shows when they are trying to sell me their product. So thank AR MAGLOCK for making California guns Great Again.

Darryl Gray

Take that California………… Easy to install

Bill Sandoval

Smooth and holds mag in upper better!!

Steven Fraser

Freshly installed in NY State.

Nick Morrison

NY legal, baby.

Greg Röhrs

Nothing special but you can thank Cuomo for that.

Dakota Rose

Love the AR MAGLOCK. Simple to install, simple to use, keeps you legal.

RJ Tresidder

The AR MAGLOCK dropped right in. Thanks guys!

Flat-rate shipping was only $4.95 and took 4 days with a holiday thrown in there. Keep it up guys!

Scott Pentheny

The rights of the people shall not be infringed!!!! Hate that I need a AR MAGLOCK. Love that I have it. I can change out a mag almost as quick as a regular mag release. Screw the SAFE ACT!!!!

James Howard

AR MAGLOCK worked great on my DPMS long range hunter in 260, even found I can top load the clip if I don’t want to remove the mag!!

Fit and function is great!!!

Jason Hornbeck

Got mine!

Love it!

Jim Lockey

My CA complaint AR.

Better then registering.


Ricardo Corrales

Installed AR MAGLOCK on my new custom AR 15 and my other CFA AR 15 as well.

Loving it.

Smooth operation and quick.

Great Job On The Design.

Carlos Parra

I have this installed on my AR pistol.

The installation is very easy and it’s use, although ridiculous to no fault of AR MAGLOCKS, is about as smooth as it can be while remaining compliant.

I purchased the kit with the extended take down pin so opening the receivers is as easy as grabbing the ring and pulling it loose.

I have recommended this to all my gun loving friends and would love to add this to my next build.

Tony Duangputra

Better than the bullet button.

Donny Szczesniak

Compliance and looks good? Awesome! Once you are used to it, mag changes are quick and easy! 


Dave Funk

Did a little 4th of July painting in the backyard.

Town cop came up wanting to question me about my “Assault Rifle” in NY. I pointed out the AR Mag Lock he shook my hand and left. 

My Patriot Pin was stiff as hell opening so i shortened my detent spring 1/8″ and really like it now.

Scott Pentheny

Installed this and kept everything else on my AR. Once you get used to it, it’s not a bother at all. Easy to remove and change back when they stop f-ucking around in Cali.

Save your old mag release button Merica!

 Jose Mercado

Got mine.

 David Baker

Just installed one on my Saint! Easy installation, 15 min it was done . Good by registration

 Jim Taylor

AR MAGLOCK is the best way to keep the features you want while staying compliant with the current CA laws. 

This is my 2017 build. 
16″ barrel 1:7 twist milspec profile from stagarms
Upper and lower also stagarms
BCG stagarms milspec 
Diamondhead VRS-T rail
Diamondhead sights
Magpul FDE MOE furniture

  Tom Spencer

The AR MAGLOCK installed easy and works perfect!

No gun registration for me!

Thank you AR MAGLOCK.

  Steve Moore

I think this is a great product. LOL, just wish it came in red😎

  Danny Neil

The AR MAGLOCK is an awesome alternative to registering one’s AR in a restrictive state as an assault weapon.

It’s so easy to install, and allows you to keep your stock, grips and muzzle device.

Best of all, in 5 minutes you can be back to OEM should you go out of state or SHTF.

I highly recommend this option.

  Scott Baldwin

AR MAGLOCK works great, installed in less than a minute, and I don’t have to register my gun.

  Omar Sandoval

I have the AR MAGLOCK.

Here it is on one of my bench rest rifles complete with the Patriot-Pin.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  Charles Smith

My first build and its possible thanks to AR MAGLOCK.

Anderson Lower & Upper
Magpul CTR stock
Magpul MOE grip
Palmetto State Armory LPK
Hera Arms IRS 15″ Keymod handguard
Syrac Ordnance Adjustable gas block
Lantac Dragon Break
Bear Creek Arsenal 16″ mil-spec 1-7 twist barrel
UTG Accushot 3-12×44 Mini SWAT Mil-Dot scope

  Patrick Hammick

First build. Came out great.

AR MAGLOCK works perfectly on an Anderson lower.

  Christopher R. Starace

AR MAGLOCK on my Sig Sauer M400

  Severino Esteller

Here is my AR pistol 80% with my AR MAGLOCK.

  Chris David

AR MAGLOCK was easy to install.

It’s actually easier to use than the Bullet Button. 

(And it blends in well) 😉

  Basil Mulkey

Love my AR MAGLOCK’s. Only way to keep it safe here in NY.

Have a lesser brand on an M4 Forgery had to swap out since it didn’t hold mag properly.

With AR MAGLOCK I’m secure and it just works.

  John Pennington

Another one that will have all the features, and no need for registry. Thanks AR MAGLOCK!

  Mike Ten

Unfortunately I live in a state that doesn’t recognize my constitutional rights.

Thankfully there are companies like AR MAGLOCK who are looking out for us.

Here are my 2 Rifles sporting the AR MAGLOCK’s. 

One is my .300 blackout Frankengun that I built as a budget rifle. The other is a Bushmaster in .223/5.56.

  Scott Allen

Installation was a breeze!

Reloading is quick and simple!

This product design is top notch.

  Paul Caraballo Jr

AR MAGLOCK is the the good way to stay out of trouble and to stay in compliant with California regulations.

I just installed my AR MAGLOCK to my 80% lower receiver and it works perfectly.

Easy to install just as they said it would.

Even better than the bullet button.

  Austin Austile

What else can I say, but thank you for a reasonable alternative to registration.

Does it come in red?

  Eric Davis

If you must comply use the best from AR MAGLOCK.

The combination of the Patriot-pin and AR MAGLOCK is the winning solution.

  Tony Cole

Join The Many Satisfied AR MAGLOCK Users!